How To Make Your Online College Experience A Success

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How To Make Your Online College Experience A SuccessEducation has been revolutionized by online learning. There is an increase in the number of schools offering distance learning programs every day and the convenience this kind of learning brings about makes it preferred by a large number of students. You can earn anything, including a degree from accredited colleges online. But this kind of learning requires dedication and commitment to be a success and the choices you make and the approach that you use will determine how successful your online learning experience is.

1. Decide that online learning is best

Online learning unfortunately is not for everyone. Considering that there is no face to face interaction with classmates and teachers, you must be a self-motivated and driven person to be a success in the end. Physical classrooms fit some people better, but if you are comfortable with independent learning then an online college might be just good for you.

2. Keep in mind online does not mean faster

One common misconception is that online learning offers a faster learning experience. Just because you can learn at your


Online Schools

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Online SchoolsThe common notion floating around seems to be one that online learning is meant only for students with special needs or for those facing issues with traditional learning environments. This however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there may have been a few incidents where online schooling may not have lived up to its potential, rejecting the entire concept of e-learning solutions certainly cannot be justified. Studying online has a lot of potential advantages over old-school systems that can be leveraged to derive immense benefits for students nationwide. Online solutions have already displayed their potential in helping schools improve their graduation rates over the course of the last few years. Students’ grades too, have shown remarkable improvement. Overall, employing technologically advanced solutions have contributed significantly to the endeavor targeted at keeping kids in school and helping them graduate.

Online schools offer students a lot more flexibility and room for independent learning. This is a major advantage for students studying in higher grades. They can work on their course curriculum without the necessity of adult supervision, which offers them more

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What Are Education Portals

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What Are Education PortalsAn education portal is a website specially designed to provide a range of educational services. It is a comprehensive place to find a number of educated related things. Portals are multi-functional websites which include personalized content, data submission and retrieval tools and links related to educational systems or services.

The key element in an education portal is to provide personalized and user-specific content to its users. The content manager is responsible to review and publish the content which is accurate, relevant and easily available. The users can refer to such portals where they can find comprehensive information about the schools, course, admissions and programs. They can find a lot of general information related to education on these portals. Students can register for one such portal and they are provided with a username and password to get complete access to the website where personalized content is available. You can find different education portals for different states where you can find all education related content concerning that particular state.

Students and teachers can benefit from these portals as both learning and teaching are assisted through available educational


Implementing Online Learning

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Implementing Online LearningImplementing Online Learning

Three Hour Tour – or Marooned on a Pacific Isle – It’s up to you

Thanks to cable TV, just about everyone is familiar with the story of Gilligan’s Island. How a misfit band of castaways leaves harbor on a three hour tour anticipating a pleasant afternoon sailing the South Pacific but instead is forever marooned on a deserted Pacific island. We’re amused by their antics, but then it’s always funny when it happens to the other guy instead of us.

If the story had been true, the reality would have been far from amusing. Someone would be responsible for everything that had gone wrong. That someone would be asked some very tough questions. Was the ship sound? Was the crew competent? Why didn’t anybody know a Pacific storm was brewing? These questions lead to a couple of important conclusions. For the trip to be successful you must first understand and respect the challenges of sailing on a very large ocean and then plan the tasks and resources necessary to meet the challenges and succeed.

Although online learning has been around

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Strategies to Empower Students

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Strategies to Empower StudentsA teacher’s role in the classroom is to help students succeed in their life. Empowering students is not the same as abdicating control of your students. A question may arise in your mind “Do students want to take over the classroom?” In higher form of education” empowered learners” has a more generic meaning. As a concept, empowerment was first used to describe a kind of relationship between managers and employees. It was defined as “the process of creating intrinsic task motivation by providing an environment and tasks which increase one’s sense of self-efficacy and energy.”

A recent survey says that the relationship of teacher empowerment to other school can rectify objectives of interest such as classroom practice and student academic performance are mixed. Assuming that a teacher’s participation in school decision making can enhance teachers’ commitment and achievement of a student, we speculate a positive relationship between empowerment and student performance through the linkages of school organization for instruction and pedagogical quality. Teachers and students have a lot to learn from each other.

Some unique ways to empower students are as follows:

• Students

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Why Online Education Is More Convenient Than Traditional Learning

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Why Online Education Is More Convenient Than Traditional LearningAnyone who is born after the 1990’s will take the internet for granted. The 24/7 access to all the knowledge of absolutely every type of information is a blessing. Definitely, the invention of the internet and its rapid evolution in our daily lives has also exposed us to malicious virus, spam emails, pop-up ads and a number of different ways to waste our time. But generally, internet has been regarded as one of the most impactful and positive innovations in the current history. The internet has not only reshaped the society, but also reshaped humanity.

It is sad, but our culture has always struggled to reconcile our previous practices with the current technologies. Businesses and corporations are learning the importance of big data and IT departments. Universities are also keeping up their pace with growing demand for research, IT and computer courses. And with the evolution leading towards connected and busy – but inspiring lives on a restricted budget we have urbanized the most competent tools to maximize both money and time. Online education is the newest trend for distance learning


Distance Education Then and Now

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Distance Education Then and NowPeople are gradually waking up to the realization that high school degrees aren’t really what they used to be and getting a job based on that isn’t going to cut it as it once did. This has prompted them to explore options such as distance education that are being touted as the future of our education system. Whether it’s a college application or a promotion you’re gunning for at work, online learning platforms offer you the best possible solutions in terms of flexibility and convenience when you’re looking for an opportunity to get ahead academically. Participants have the option to schedule their classes as per their own convenience and in different formats depending on their personal needs. This in turn, allows them to work around their own schedules and vary the pace of their learning process according to their own learning capabilities. With technology revolutionizing our lives in unimaginable ways, maybe it is time to accept online schools for the boon they really are.

The amount of time and money one can save on traveling is another reason why distance education is slowly being


Methods of E Learning

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Methods of E-LearningThe word “method” implies a scientific approach, which, in relation to the e-learning industry, has not always been fair so far. The matter is not so much in the youth of the sphere, but in its constant evolution and the emergence of new forms. Therefore, for the description of the approaches in e-learning, it is better to use the usual words as “type”, “variety”, or the word from the sphere of art – “genre”.

Genres, which are just methods of e-learning, help to describe the variety of e-learning materials using understandable words.

Overview of e-learning methods – what genre to choose?

The methods divide e-learning into groups by a primary way of supplying/perception of the information material. Each type may also include other elements, just like in movies: action films contain elements of comedy, thriller and horror. We distinguish the following types of e-learning:

1) Textual (“to read”). They are historically the first and up to the present day the most common. They are books, which differ from their paper relatives by comfort of navigation, interactivity and ability to be updated without republishing. They


Various Advantages Of Online Education

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Various Advantages Of Online EducationOnline education has become very popular in recent times. More and more students are enrolling in online courses to earn a degree and advance in their professional lives. Online education is preferred by people who are not able to attend a regular brick and mortar college or university for various reasons. The degree earned from a good online institution is as valuable as the one from any traditional college or university.

Advantages of Online Education

Lower Cost – Online educations cost less than the traditional means of education. There is no transport cost involved as you don’t have to travel to reach school or college. Study material is also available for free online and you don’t have to spend money to buy textbooks.

Flexibility – When you study online, you are not bound to a fixed schedule. You can take classes as per your convenient time. This way of education works best for people who want to study after office or have a family to take care of. Also women with young kids at home can take up online education to

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What Makes an Online Class Real to Students

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What Makes an Online Classto StudentsThe for-profit online school industry has received a great deal of attention over the past few years and the reasons have involved recruiting practices, low retention rates, and the failure to pay student loan rates. Recently there was an article about one online school that was being audited, specifically regarding the level of faculty to student interactions. This particular school offers competency-based online degree programs and students are completing their degrees without being enrolled in traditional online classes. The underlying reason for the audit is related to the programs being qualified to receive federal aid. In order for students to be eligible to receive federal aid there must be “significant instructor to student interactions” and if those interactions aren’t present the programs become ineligible for aid.

The online university in question doesn’t offer traditional specific class terms or credit hours, and instead students work at their own pace and take pre-developed assessments to demonstrate that they possess the required knowledge and competencies. Whenever a student needs assistance, instructors are available during set hours and there is an option to schedule an appointment with an


E Learning Changing the Way the World Learns

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E-LearningChanging the Way the World LearnsToday, in the time of e-learning and interactivity, there is no meaning of learning if the learner himself is disinterested and discontented. The rapid advancements in technology, declining internet costs, rising internet bandwidth and high standard of living have boosted e-learning like never before.

Thus, there has been witnessed an upsurge in companies offering e-learning services. These services cater to the requirements of K-12, Higher Education and Career segments. Among these segments, corporate e-learning services are the hottest. Making your employees learn ins and outs of the company, including its structure, business model, human resources, clients, etc. is made easier, faster, interactive and fun through e-teaching tools and methodologies.

Attributes of K-12 Content Development

Apart from imparting E-learning to corporate, K-12 content development has become the forte of many companies providing online learning. This segment is growing rapidly; after all your kids want to play more and study less and if games become the mode of learning, there is nothing like it. Companies develop educational games for students of all grades and disciplines. They believe that in a simulated environment, your kid


Best Way to Study for Online College Courses

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Best Way to Study for Online College CoursesOne of the reasons that students take online classes is because it allows them to have a flexible schedule that fits around their job, family, and social life. The problem that many students taking online classes run into is that they fail to schedule the necessary amount of time that is required to successfully complete their online courses. At the last minute, students find themselves searching frantically for the correct answers and doing the minimal amount of work required just to get the assignment in on time.

View and Rearrange the Course Calendar/Syllabus Due Dates

Whether or not you are taking a self-paced online course, or an on online course with deadlines – the very first thing you should do is download the course calendar, syllabus, and/or class schedule. First, I am going to over how to develop a schedule for courses with due dates and deadlines, followed by instructions on how to develop a schedule for a self-paced distance-learning program or class.

If the course has deadlines for each assignment on a separate calendar write or type the due

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Learn Beyond Classrooms

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Learn Beyond ClassroomsEducation is the strongest pillar in one’s life. The arena of education has experienced significant reforms since time immemorial. Earlier many students had to compromise with fewer career objectives and aspirations. Factors such as finance, location constraints, and many other reasons were accountable for declining percentages of students, who wished to opt for higher degrees. Pupils had to settle down unwillingly for an institute nearer to them, despite being aware that there were much better alternatives available.

In today’s economy, where survival has become quite challenging and troublesome, people prefer continuing their jobs and hardly think to earn a higher degree. In such circumstances, distance education has turned out to be a blessing.

The Virtue of Distance Education

With the introduction of distance education, learning has become more convenient. It has broken all the barriers and boundaries so that the students can attain degrees from their favorite institute.

“Around two lakh people of Bihar are pursuing different courses through distance education mode. It has gained widespread popularity over the years as the system augments opportunities for higher education, ensures access, is cost-effective and promotes


Strategies That Create Conditions to Promote Online Learning

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Strategies That Create Conditions to Promote Online LearningIt may seem that learning online should be (or could be) as effective as traditional classroom learning. In almost every online class, resources and materials are provided for the students, there are asynchronous (and occasionally synchronous) discussions, and then assessments are given to determine if progress has been made with meeting the required learning objectives. Students aren’t required to sit through a lecture and instead they can study at their own convenience. But important elements are missing in a virtual classroom, such as face to face interactions that provide visual and verbal cues, and that makes the distance factor a significant challenge.

So what can an instructor do to ensure that learning occurs in a virtual environment? Most online classes contain a fairly standard structure, even with varying learning management systems, and many online schools provide pre-programmed courses for instructors to use that are developed with established learning objectives, course materials, and a variety of learning activities. However, creating a course and adding the content does not automatically guarantee that students are going to be engaged and learn something because of their


An Easy Way To Find the Best Online Tutor For High School

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An Easy Way To Find the Best Online Tutor For High SchoolAlgebra 1 or Algebra 2 in Math or intricate Science topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are mind-boggling for students if they lack in proper subject skills. Similarly, English and Social Studies demand good reading skills and comprehension capabilities. Further, they need to devote time for standardized test preparations, scheduling dates for them and attending classes to make their attempts successful.

Parents also find high school life of their kids stressful. They have to allot time to help their kids in doing their homework, organizing class schedules and learning at home with comfort and without distraction. It is all the more stressful for parents who are job oriented and who spend less time with family and household activities.

In any case, he needs guidance and proper light shed on the ways and means by which he can meet either of these options.

Anyhow, one matter stands clear that it is ultimately the grades and scores that decide the course of action for a student about his future. His college entries are based on his SAT or

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Strategies to Help Online Students Overcome the Risk of Failure

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Strategies to Help Online Students Overcome the Risk of FailureThe retention rate for online schools is low and there are many reasons why students discontinue their degree program, from the cost per credit hour to school policies and the quality of the courses offered. Instructors have little control over many of those factors but what they can help with is the classroom environment that they are responsible for maintaining. With every class students are at risk for failure because of the nature of a virtual environment and interactions with others. New students have the greatest risk and the most challenging learning curve. When students take their first class it is a time when their perceptions and expectations meet the reality of working in an online class. Every subsequent class requires adapting in some manner, to a new instructor and set of requirements. This creates a risk or possibility for students to fail.

All instructors, not just those who teach entry point classes, are responsible for nurturing the development of their students. This means that teaching is not just a function with


Benefits to the Educational Sector With Improving Connectivity

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Benefits to the Educational Sector With Improving ConnectivityImprovements in educational connectivity imply that each one of the stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, industry and government – are provided with relevant connectivity; and greater numbers are bought into the connectivity fold.

With improving digital connectivity a greater number of students can now be brought into the academic umbrella. Although, in urbanized areas the lack of connectivity may not pose a great challenge but for children in the far flung areas, connectivity or a lack thereof, is a major issue in the delivery of education. Bringing together institutions, teachers, parents, government and industry onto one platform means that the quality of education improves alongside the expansion of those covered under the educational schemes.

Improvements in connectivity means that children can participate in virtual classrooms and educational material transferred to them without the physical need for them to be present at a school or institution. For the students, especially those living in the far flung areas of the country, remote classrooms couldn’t here sooner. Such that, they have a greater access to the best lecturers, can participate in online workshops and

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Why Use Online Private Tutors

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Why Use Online Private TutorsWhatever level of education you are at, you will from time to time find that you miss classes or you are not able to grasp everything that you lecturer is instructor has taught. For this reason, you find that you need external help with your homework or assignments. This is where online private tutors come in.

Online private tutors have brought great convenience in the education sector and will make sure that you get the needed help, whether it is with math tutoring or you are looking for business homework help. Some can handle both postgraduate and undergraduate levels while others handle different other educational levels. When you choose online private tutors, you stand to enjoy a number of benefits compared to if you tried to learn through the challenging areas all by yourself.

1. They focus on your problem areas. Whether you need help with your math assignment or homework or your finance homework, you can be sure that they will concentrate on areas that you are having difficulties with. The good thing about this is that the tutors are not in a


An Overview of Online Learning

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imagesafqCorrespondence courses and distance learning have a new name now, known as online learning. Online courses are available for a wide range of subjects that attract many students, and they are available at varying prices. This system of education is gaining a lot of popularity as it offers an economical way of improving one’s educational qualifications.

The five main reasons responsible for the growth of online learning are: access, efficiency, cost, technology and stability. The development in technology is really encouraging a number of people to enhance their educational qualifications. Considering the popularity of this style of education, a number of educational institutes, post secondary, as well as high schools, have started using this medium for imparting education. The easy options for enhancing the educational qualifications enable people to acquire new skills and provide them the opportunities of starting new careers.

There are two ways one can access online courses, open or restricted. The first option enables almost anyone to join a course as long as they have an Internet connection. However, this option doesn’t allow the learner to interact with their instructor. The option of courses is


Why Get A Diploma In Civil Engineering

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Why Get A Diploma In Civil EngineeringCivil engineers play a very important role in planning, constructing, designing and managing as well as maintaining the physical environment that is around us. This environment is made up of structures, water collection treatment and also distribution, transport systems and buildings among others. Civil engineers need to be effective in understanding how the structure functions and how various materials behave for the general good of the society.

This branch of engineering is a diverse profession and graduates get the chance to get involved in all kinds of projects from designing transport systems to treating and restoring areas that are contaminated and enhancing energy efficiency in different buildings among many other tasks which improve the quality of the environment and life in general.

A diploma in civil engineering offers in-depth knowledge both theoretically and practically to the students so they are able to work in this very demanding industry that calls for excellence. The diploma puts the students in a position where they can apply Math knowledge, engineering, IT and Science knowledge to design as